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 Jutsu basics

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Elements: Lightning,Fire,Wind,Earth, and Water
Jutsu: Eyes of Paralysis, Eyes of Illusions, Eyes of Altering, Eyes of Destruction,Earth Style: Rampart, Wooden Spike Technique, Ultimate Wooden Spike Technique, Wood Element Transformation Technique, Wooden Bridge, Wood Restrains, Birth of a Dense Forest, Destruction Torrent, Hidden Mist Technique, Wood Clone, Wooden Barrier, Great Forrest Technique, Four Pillar Wood Prison, Four Pillar House, Wood Wall, Violent Water Wave, Earth Dragon Projectile, Hell Needles, Dynamic Entry, Earth Style: Earth Platform, Water Style: Water Wall, Rasengan, Starch Syrup Capture Field, Water Dragon Projectile, Water Dragon Missile, Water Dragon bullet, Water Prison Technique, Rasen Shuriken, Chidori, Teleportation Technique Custom, Flying Thunder God Technique,Hydration Technique, Ninja Art: Phantom Ninja, Ninja Art: Steel Body, Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu, Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu, Puppet Attack: Chakra sword, Puppet Attack: Chakra Strings of Death, Puppet Attack: Chakra of the Wind
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Jutsu basics Empty
PostSubject: Jutsu basics   Jutsu basics EmptyThu Oct 29, 2009 4:47 am

Elements: fire,Lightning,wind,earth, and water these are the main elements.
Shadow clone jutsu however is not part of an element jutsu it is ninjutsu but technically the elemental jutsu's are also ninjutsu so in a way it is similar.
Clone jutsu however is not a ninjutsu it is a genjutsu or an illusion if you will.
Then there is taijutsu there is leaf hurricane dancing leaf shadow and it goes on.
The fact is they are all separated shadow clone jutsu is used for spying cause once it is gone the information it gained will got directly to the original.
Genjutsu is sometimes or usually used when someone is infiltrating an enemy base and gets caught so uses it on the enemy to distract it.
Although sometimes all you need is ninjutsu because ninjutsu is perfect for battle as well as taijutsu but it is better to know all the basics.
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Jutsu basics
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