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PostSubject: Air Gear Site   Air Gear Site EmptyFri Dec 11, 2009 5:56 am

Beginning in the year 2000, a revolutionary invention took the world by storm. A conglomerate known only as Fly High Incorporated, commonly abbreviated as FHI, released their latest creation, the Air Trek. Similar to rollerblades in many aspects, there upgraded versions allowed user to traverse farther distances and climb higher altitudes with less effort and time. Soon after their creation, a committee assembled revolving around the formation of an AT League, the sole purpose of which would be to sanction legal tournaments and battles between various teams. The teams would consist of between two to five people, with any number of proxy personnel, all of whom wore the ingenious devices and used them to compete and further their ranks.

The top players came to be known as 'Kings' among the players, dubbed 'Storm Riders'. These kings gained a particular ability related to their mastery of riding: the ability to control the wind in relation to their skills. They held the hierarchy in place, contributing to the overall advancement of their sport in the public. Other factions also came into being with the kings, the most prominent including tuners and the Wind G-men. Tuners were special mechanics, all of whom belonged to the banner 'Tool Toul To'. They advocated the perfection within every last AT, acting as a helpful movement to pros and newcomers alike. Certain tuners went so far as to keep their services limited to a single rider, giving them the most experience with that riders abilities and AT requirements.

The Wind G-Men on the other hand were created as a police force across the globe dedicated to stopping the misuse of AT's in general. As some may have surmised, the creation of AT's also brought about their use for crime. Many criminals use them as new forms of escape, while others use their power to abuse the innocent and terrorize citizens. Many of these individuals use illegal mods on their AT's, either removing their limiters or increasing their deadliness. These cops wield AT's in order to bring justice to the community, capturing various law breakers and using their powers to assist those wronged by felony.

Within the world covered in technological advances lies Kyoto, Japan, where these stories take place. Kyoto remains one of the more urban places within the country, and one of the more popular tourist attractions. Located within the Kyoto Prefecture, it actually is a more quaint area as opposed to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. This city contains quite a few shrines, as well as shopping districts, with two airports and a station for the well known Shinkansen railway. As an urban site, it is perfect for those who wield AT's to show off their tricks and battle against other teams for territory. New places are always under construction, offering refuge to the dozens of teams which litter the area. This RP focuses on the many stories of the Storm Riders living here in Kyoto, and their battles to reach the top of the 'Trophaeum Tower'.

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