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 Ryohei masters the Fuuton element

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Ryohei masters the Fuuton element Empty
PostSubject: Ryohei masters the Fuuton element   Ryohei masters the Fuuton element EmptyFri Dec 11, 2009 7:11 am

Agon walked to the now really trashed area.He had to train for his Fuuton element.He sighed ad he adjusted his hitai-ate.The damn thing was pissing the shit out of him.He groaned as it fell to his eyes again.He pulled it off and threw it into his backpack.Agon never had tried to master another element.So he had no clue how to do it.He only knew that it was going to be troublesome.He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.He waited for a few minutes and opened them again.He was concentrated now.Agon took his backpackoff his back and fished his scroll from it.This one was bigger than the last one.The other contained information about jutsu,but this one had information about elemental control.He opened the mastering section.Agon then got to the Fuuton part and started reading it.After a while he finished reading the whole thing.Agin then got up from the ground as he was sitting while he read the scroll.He Tried to call up some wind chakra.He got the usual amount into his palm but then an unbearable pain shot up in his chest.He screamed in agony and fell to his knees.The chakra faded from his palm as he cradled his chest.This ain't going to be easy.He mused out loud.As the pain went away he got up from the ground.He wiped sweat from his forehead and sighed.He didn't want to feel the pain again,but he had to face it if he wanted to master a second element.He looked down at his hands and smiled.He was getting excited again.His hands were shaking uncontrollably.He chuckled and forced to Fuuton chakra out of him.The same pain came back but he tried to ignore it but it was no use.Agon felt blood run from his nose and wiped it.He didn't stop.For five minutes he kept going on.Agon finally reached his limit and fell down,grabbing his hurt arm.His skin had burned lightly because of the chakra he was forcing into it.He might aswell take a resr.He needed to restore his chakra and to heal his hand.He put up a camp and lit a fire.Agon went to the woods.He returned in thirty minutes later,a boar slung over his shoulder.The boar weighed about sixty kilograms but he carried it with no trouble at all.He pulled out a kunai and started to skin the animal.It took him some time but he got it done with ease.He used some herbs to spice up the meat and then cooked it on the fire.He ate it.Agon loved the mean.He tore into the meat with his canine like teeth.It was spicy yet sweet.He ripped the flesh from the bone.He chewed on the tender meat eagerly.After he was done eating,he turned in for the night.He woke up some time at eight.He had some meat left from the evening so he cooked it in the morning and ate it as breakfast.After the breakfast he focused his mind on the training.He had already mastered a small fraction of it.Agon sighed and ran a hand through his hair.He winced as he knew what was coming.His hand hadn't fully recovered yet.Agon raised his hand and started to form wind element into the palm of his hand.He shut one of his eyes as the burn on his hand started to hurt all of a sudden.He did not care about such ignicificant pain as that and continued.He went more this time.But it didn't work.The pain came again.He fell onto his knees and screamed as loud as he could.His mind went blank.It seemed like hours,days even.He clutched his chest and he gritted his teeth.He looked so pathetic.He groaned and got up.The pain had mostly faded,but not entirely.He released his chest slowly and sighed.His hand dropped to his side.It was burnt even more now.He went to his camp and wrapped it into a bandage.But before he rubbed some lotion to the wound.He reste for a while and then returned to the trining grounds.He lifted his bandaged arm and forced some wind chakra into it.He knew that the pain was coming,but he didn't care about such a trivial thing.If he was going to master the Fuuton element,he had to get over it.He felt the pain creeping up to him as he forced even more wind chakra into his palm.The bandages were turning black because the chakra burned it.His eyes turned bright re and his hair started to float.Large veins popped up all over his body.He opened his mouth to scream,but no sound came out.He closed his eyes and grabbed his head.He passed out on the ground.Five hours passed as he woke up.A stray leaf fell to his face.Agon grimaced and woke up.He never was a morning person.Agon sat up and yawned loudly.He winced as he felt pain all over his body.Even though it hurt he got up from thr ground.If he as to continue,he needed to go to the hospital.It took him longer than usually to get to the hospital.When he finally reached the place he was dead tired.As he opened the doors a disgusting smell hit his nose.It was the smell of medicine.All hospitals had it.It made his stomach turn over.He got to the toilet as fast as possible and emptied the contents of his stomach into the toilet.The smell of puke made him vomit up some more until there was nothing left.He walked to the sink and splashed some cold water onto his face.He looked at the mirror and saw himself,but much paler and he had bags under his eyes.The training was taking its toll on him.He knew it might become even worse.He had learned only ten percent of the entire thing.He got treater pretty quickly,but had to stay over night.He didn't like that at all.Agon wanted to get back training as soon as possible.This was going to cost him time,precious time.They got rid of his pain.He went to sleep.He got woken up quite early.Agon was thankful for that,but he really wasn't a morning person.It took him a good while before he got up from the bed.He got dressed and left the hospital.He looked at his hand,glad that it was healed.He tried to recall what happened to him.An image of him appeared into his mind.'That was me?' He mused to himself.He shrugged and continued making his way to the training grounds.Agon arrived in no time using the Shunshin no Jutsu.He decided to eat something first,so he went into the forest to collect some fruit.The violet haired man returned to his camp with his backpack full of different fruit.He ate a few of them and felt bloated.Then he got back to training.He raised his once injured arm and tried to use the wind chakra.But before he could do that he came up with a better idea.He raised his other arm aswell so that it would be balanced.He tried to mold it into both of his hands.That way it shouldn't drain so much energy as it did before.As he tried it,he felt it working.Agon managed to get forty percent out of him this time.He grinned as he felt more power.He felt unbeatable,like he could crush everybody.He let the chakra fade slowly as he wanted to try using it.He molded half of the amount he molded into one hand.It was draining his energy but he did not let it bother him.He slashed his arm sideways and the chakra extended from his hand and cut a tree into half.The tree fell down with a loud crash,but Agon didn't hear anything,he was too amazed to hear or even see anything.When he stopped drooling at the sight,he grinned widely.The man had achieved something that he thought he never could.Although he hadn't mastered it,it was still amazing for a genin like himself.He brushed unexisting dust from his training garments and rested for a while,the last trick took alot out of him.Agon was still in awe.He just couldn't believe it.The genin was proud.When he mastered this he would be a chuunin in no time.He felt his chakra restoring a little by little.When he had most of it back he continued training.He used only one arm this time.It would prove more useful this way.He began concentrating the wind based chakra into his arm.It glowed lightly.He was able to do it now without the intense pain that he felt before.Agon sighed out of relief as he didn't feel the pain anymore.Soon the chakra eveloped his entire body.He raised an eyebrow since he didn't feel anything different.Usually it would hurt him but now it was like water around him.It soothed his skin and played with his hair.He merged with the chakra.His chakra was restored.He also noticed that his clothes were clean and he was completely relieved from the dust and dirt.He tried to mold some chakra again.It worked perfectly.He manage to mold a sphere of wind into his hand.He also added some of his usual fire element.The flame got extremely big as the wind helped it.Agon had mastered the wind element.He grinned and punched his fist into the air.Agon had a second element now.The wind element could prove very useful.He wanted to try it out,but he had to rest a bit first.He was hungry and had someof the fruit left from before.He filled his empty stomach with them.After that Agon disappeared into the woods to find something he could test his new skill on.Luckily he found some nuke-nins soon.There were three of them.Agon investigated them and expected them to be atleast chuunin.He grinned as they could prove a challenge for him.The one with a mustache attacked him with a wind jutsu.Agon smirked and produced some handsigns and spewed a devastating fireball at the man.adding wind to fire is dangerous you know.He grinned wickedly as the fireball 'ate' the ninja.His charred body fell limply to the ground.One down,two to go.He spoke to himself.One of the men spoke up.Don't get too cocky,brat!Agon felt his eyebrow twitch.Brat!?I will behead you,you piece of shit!He charged at the man with Shunshin no Jutsu.Agon flipped a kunai from his holster and embedded it with wind chakra.Shit,this kids got wind chakra too!The second one shouted.But it was too late to stop him.Agon swinged his kunai wildly at the mans neck.Blood splashed all over his face.The kunai cut into the other mans neck and beheaded him.He grinned and looked at the last one.He raised his hand and motioned for the other ninja to come closer.The man nodded and came to Agon.The violet haired man grabbed his neck and pulled his head really close to his own.You will apologize or I will kill you right here.And you will never come to Kirigakure again.The man was shaking out of fear.He got no answer so he snapped his neck.He dropped the others lifeless body to the ground.Agon then took off as he proved that he was more powerful now.It really came in handy,the training that is.He went back to his camp and trashed it.He took his stuff and headed back home with his element mastered.He chuckled and disappeared.

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Ryohei masters the Fuuton element
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