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 Ryohei's chakra training

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Ryohei's chakra training Empty
PostSubject: Ryohei's chakra training   Ryohei's chakra training EmptyFri Dec 11, 2009 7:31 am


Agon had discovered another place to train.He came to the site wearing black pants,a fishnet shirt,sandals,fingerless gloves and a hitai-ate.He crouched own and inspected the area.It was perfect for taining physical abilities.Agon thought about it earlier,but never did any of it.He thought about increasing his chakra reserves.He had some high level jutsu that required a little bit bigger chakra reserves.He yawned and frowned when he looked at the sky.It was going to be night-time soon.He shrugged and got to training before it would be dark.He wondered how would one increase his chakra.He thought about it quite a while.When he didn't came up with a conclusion,he just started to waste his chakra,hoping that it will increase that way.He started to flare his chakra,he grinned as he saw the dark red aura surround him.It floated in the air.The chakra coated Agon.It didn't take long for Agon to get tired.Sweat formed on his forehead and he wiped it with his sleeve.He panted from the loss of chakra.The cloak that was around him started to disappear little by little.He groaned as it disappeared completely.He fell onto his stomach and gasped for air.It wasn't easy as he thought it would be.He had been naive.Increasing one's chakra wasn't to be taken lightly.It was an icredibly draining and complicated job.But Agon absolutely 'had' to do it.He had no other choice.He had mastered high-level jutsu but he might not have the chakra to use them.He frowned at the thought.He didn't want to be helpless when it came to battle.Agon stood up with some difficulty,but got up.He didn't feel like putting up a camp so he would just return home to rest.During his walk back home,he noticed that it was a full moon that night.He looked up at the sky and admired it.It seemed so close,like he could just grasp it with his small hands.He raised his hand into the air and made a grabbing motion towards the moon.This made him frown again,he seemed so little,so ignicificant.He hadn't found his purpose in life yet.His dream was to become strong and be the Daimyo.Daimyo had the most power in his country.Agon wanted such power,he wanted to bring peace unto his land.Ever since the dictator Yagura,Kirigakure got a bad reputation.Agon had only heard stories about the 'old' Kirigakure.It had been horrible.Agon shook his head and continued making his way towards the village.He saw very few people on the streets at this time.It was midnight after all.He saw his apartment and quickened his pace.He fished keys from his pockets and opened the front door.Agon walked the stairs,he lived on the fifth floor.It didn't take long for him to get to his apartment.He unlocked the door and stepped into the corridor where he kept his shoes.He took off his sandals and put on some slippers.He liked to keep his home clean.He went to the bathroom and took a toothbrush from the cabinet that was above the sink.He started to brush his teeth.Agon glanced at the mirror and saw his handsome face that he was often praised for.He didn't see anything amazing about himself.He wasn't THAT handsome.He glared at the mirror.He looked too much like his father.Even his hair was like his fathers.He grimaced as he spat and washed his mouth.He placed the toothbrush back into the cabinet and closed it.He turned off the lights and went to his bedroom.He slipped off his fishnet shirt and threw it into the corner of his room then he took off his pants and he let them fall to the floor.He pulled off his hitai-ate and placed it onto his table.He sighed and layed down onto his bed an pulled the covers onto himself.He sighed as he started to drift off.Finally he felt asleep.


Agon woke up as sun shined in through his window.He groaned as he was forced to wake up.Agon got up from his large bed and went to take a shower.He took off his boxers and dropped them onto the floor.He would clean later.He stepped into the shower and let the hot water hit his sun-kissed skin.It was like the kid was blessed by Apollo himself.He had a beutiful natural tan.Not too dark and not too light either.He moaned as the hot water hit his back.He reached for the shampoo and poured a generous amount onto his hand.He rubbed the liquid into his hair and foam emitted from it.He closed his eyes and sighed.He loved showers.He let his long fingers massage his head.He moaned and finished with his hair.He then took the soap and rubbed it all over his body,cleaning it throughly.He felt the dirt removed from his body.He finally let the water hit his skin again and wash off the foam that was all over his body.He turned off the water and went to dry his hair.Once dry he wrapped a towel around his lower region and escaped the bathroom.He heard the doorbell ring.Who could it be at this hour?He thought to himself.He went to open the door and discovered a package that was left behind his doorstep.He raised an eyebrow in confusion and took it.He didin't find a note.He closed his door and went to his kitchen and set the package down on the table.He disappeared into the bedroom and returned fully clothed.He flipped a kunai from his holster and slashed the package open.He grimaced as it was some clothing.He took it out from the box and noticed it was made out of colorful stuff.Like pink.He shrugged and threw the clothing back into the box and left his apartment.He pulled on his sandals and opened the door.He stepped out and closed the door behind himself and locked it.He started walking towards the place he had discovered the day before.His mind wanered off again.He saw lots of people today.It was midday.He glared at the people who dared to stared at him.He didn't like it when people looked at him.He mentally groaned as one girl latched herself onto his arm.Hello,handsome. She spoke with her annoying high-pithced voice.Agon ignored her and kept walking.The blonde girl,supposedly Genin frowned and tightened her grip.Agon got pissed at that moment.He shot the most intense glare he could at the woman and pulled his hand away from her.You're pretty and all,but you're just too fucking annoying.He realised that he had been too harsh but didn't make the effort to apologize.The girl started to sob and took off.Agon was glad that he had some peace again.He used the body flicker to disappear.He reappeared in the area he was training the previous day.It was now about one o'clock.He took off his shirt as it was like hell out there.He started to form the cloak of chakra around him again.The red aura eveloped Agon once again.He felt his hair float in the air.The violet haired man was now completely cloaked by the red substance.He started to get tired again.He only lasted thirty more misprawled.He felt his eyelids become heavy all of a sudden.And just like that Agon fell asleep.The genin woke up a couple of hours later.He rubbed his eyes and looked at his surroundings.He was still at the training grounds.Must've fallen asleep.He thought to himself.Agon sat up and brushed some dust from his clothes.He stood up and took a drink of water.His chakra was restored.He waited a few minutes until he was completely awake and then continued his training.He released the chakra inside him and it eveloped Agon.The red substance flowed out from his body.To me more exact from his eyes,mouth and ears.The aura consumed his body.He felt some severe muscle pain but it didn't stop him from what he was doing.The training was putting some intense strain on his body.He didn't wice nor did he stop.He kept going at it for a while.Agon lasted more this time.He finally fell onto his knees from the pressure.His knees gave out.He hissed as he felt the pain.He rolled up his pants and saw his that his knees were severely bruised.He winced as he ran a finger over the bruises.He tried to stand up but without success.His legs were now useless.He groaned and sat down crossing his legs.He continued his training while sitting on the grassy field.He freed the chakra again.It took him a while to get used to the pain in his knees.It hurt like hell,but he had to get over it.Suddenly a brilliant idea clicked in his mind.He fetched his backpack that was luckily nearby and fished some painkillers from it.He took two of the pills and grabbed a bottle of water.He threw the pills into his mouth and grimaced at their taste.He quickly gulped some water to get them down his throat.He coughed and then sighed.He had to wait a little for the painkillers to start working properly.It took about fifteen minutes for them to start working.He sighed as he didn't feel the pain anymore.He was still sitting on the ground.He didn't want to stand up because he knew it was impossible.He once again started to form the dark red aura around him.It was weak but it was enough.The chakra surrounded him.It glowed faintly.Agon started to pant.The training drained him of his strenght.Agon grunted as he felt his power fade away slowly.He frowned and kept going.He knew the concequences,but one had to push himself over the limits to gain something from training.Otherwise it wouldn't work.Atleast that was what Agon thought.He let his chakra flare freely.When the training drained him from the last of his strenght,Agon fell to the ground limply.His eyes were barely open as he layed on his back.He felt like he was dying.Well actually he didn't feel anything.That's why he thought he was dying.Although he wasn't going to die.He was just too deprived from his chakra.Every other shinobi would've passed out already.Agon clutched his conciousness as he didn't want to lose it.But unfortunately he passed out.


Echo,screaming,crying,shouting.Those were the sounds that Agon heard.The sounds got closer.Agon opened his eyes and saw only darkness.He sat up and glanced around him.No light,just darkness.He now saw an image the yoiunger version of him.His father was beating him again.Now he remembered that it was the day he killed his father in self-defense.He saw the scene replay itself over and over again.Everytime Agon would stab his father with a kunai.When the memory ended for the fifth time,Agon woke up.He rubbed his temples as his head started to hurt.He sighed out of relief.It was just a dream.He noticed that it was about nine in the morning.He sighed again and stood up from the ground,noticing that his knees had healed already.Agon had felt his chakra reserve bigger arleady,but it wasn't nearly enough.If he got this kind of chakra he would be invincible at the chuunin exams.The only hard part would be the written exam,but he was sure to pass that one too.Agon was being oveconfident of his skills.He let his thoughts wonder,but not on purpose.He would get like this often.He forgot about his training completely as he was dragged in deep into his thoughts.First he would have to get a team for himself,that wasn't going to be easy because he had missed the current chuunin exams.Second he had to get himself into the chuunin exams and that wasn't going to be easy too if he didn't train his damn chakra.He chuckled and shook his head.He came out of his thoughts.He looked at himself and noticed something.He was ... naked.How the hell did he get naked?Not even Jesus would know.He felt a vein pop up on his forehead as he was getting pissed.His clothes were stolen from him.How the **** could that happen?Who the hell would even do this kind of fuckery?He did not know nor did he care.He would just kill the person who did.He took his stuff and started going to his apartment.He walked down the streets with a furious blush on his face as he covered up his balls.The girls were giving him catcalls and whistles which only caused him to blush even more.He finally disappeared with Shunshin no Jutsu and got to his home.He unlocked his door quickly and closed it even faster.He chucked his backpack to a wall and went to his room.He realised that he had to wear those clothes that were sent to him.He groaned and started to look for the package which contained the pathetic excuse for garments.He finally found the box and he ripped the clothes out of it.He pulled them on and looked at the window.Black sandals,pink tight pants,neon fishnet shirt and his hitai-ate.His expression turned somewhat horrified at his appearance.He took his now abandoned backpack and pulled it on.He left his apartment and went back to the streets.People were whistling after him.He just turned his gaze to the ground and increased his pace.He finally arrived at the training grounds.This was the third day of his training.He might increase his chakra levels soon enough.He pulled off his backpack and let it fall to the ground.He walked about ten meters away from it and concentrated on his training again.It was three o'clock so he would have about seven hours to train before he had to leave.He cracked his neck and cracked his knuckles.Agon started to force the red aura out of him again,it consumed his entire body in matter of seconds.The chakra looked like a flame around Agon.Agon kept it around him like a cloak.His whole body was inside the chakra.The immense force from it created large winds.Large gusts of wind were sent everywhere around him.His wind natured chakra danced with his fire natured one.The two chakra natures were spinning around Agon.His skin started to peel off a little when he forced even more chakra around him.His hair started to float in the air and his skin turned darker.Large veins started to pop up all over his body.His eyes turned blood red.Agon looked almost like something had posessed him.Even more of his skin had burned off when the two chakra natures lashed out furiously.Although Agon didn't feel his chakra go away,it increased.His chakra got bigger,better and stronger.Finally those two stopped dancing and faded.His chakra faded alltogether and he fell onto his knees,dripping with sweat.He was gasping for air.His skin was now reddish because of the burns.He had a fever and he knew it,but he couldn't afford stopping now.He had to go on.He was so close.All he had to do was to get his Fuuton chakra merge with his Katon chakra.Then they would unite and give him a greater chakra supply.He knew it took a lot out of him,but he had to do this,otherwise he would stay as a weakling.If he was going to be weak it wouldn't be good.First , he wouldn't get accepted into a team.Second , he couldn't get into the chuunin exams.And the third point was that if he was going to stay weak,he wouldn't be able to fulfill his dream.He didn't like the thought of that and got to work again.He stood up without any effort at all.He started to form the cloak around himself again.He grunted as his burns started to hurt.Burns were the most shittiest injuries.They hurt like hell.They started to sting as Agon forced more chakra around himself.The two of his chakra started to dance around him again.They closed on each other.Finally they touched and merged together,changing the color of Agon's chakra into dark black with a red outline.Agon liked this color.He let the chakra fade into nothingness,as he was exhausted.The violet haired man fell onto his sore knees.He hurt all over his lean,muscular body.Sweat dribbled down his neck.He had done it,he made his chakra stronger.Agon had taken another step forward towards his dream.He smiled and closed his eyes.He fell into slumber.He slept like a baby but was woken up by the rain about three hours later.It hadn't got dark yet so he got his stuff and took off towards his apartment.Agon walked down the streets of Kirigakure no Sate and grinned.He was stronger now.Much,much stronger.I finally did it.Next step is training for powerful jutsu and passing the chuunin exams with flying colors.His insane grin widened and he increased his pace.People looked at Agon with surprised faced,like something had posessed Agon for him to be this happy.Never had anyone saw Agon get this happy before.He saw his apartment in sight and began running towards it with the last of his strenght.He arrived in five minutes and unlocked his door.He took a step in and closed the door behind him.He took off his sandals and walked to his room..He fell onto the bed and fell asleep,his clothes still on.He was smiling.

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Ryohei's chakra training
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