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 Unknown Jutsu rules

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PostSubject: Unknown Jutsu rules   Unknown Jutsu rules EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 10:28 am

Water Element.

Hydration - S rank

Sword of Water - A rank

Tornado of Water - A rank

Black Rain - C

Burdock Root Eating Sharks - A

Destructive Rapid Torrents - B

Flash Grinding Destruction - S

Great Whirlpool Enfolding Technique - A

Hand of Waves - C

Huge Explosion Technique - B

Infinite Sharks - S

Powerful Blasting Rain Trench - S

Rising Water Slicer - A

Snake's Mouth - B

Stormy Blockade - B

Syrup Capture Field - C

Tearing Torrent - C

Underwater Motion Technique - C

Water Cannon Replica - SS yes double the effort than normal S

Water Dragon Whip - A

Water Pistol - C

Water Shark Breakthrough - B

Water Shark Gun Technique - A

Water Shockwave - A

Water Replacement - C

Water Hardened Drill - A

Wind Element.

Danzo's Unnamed Wind Release Technique - SS

Dust Wind Technique - B

Hurricane - A

Spiraling Wind Ball - A

Beast Wave Palm - A

Beast Wave Violent Wind Palm - S

Drilling Air Bullet - S

Drilling Air Bullet Harbor Blow - S

Falling Petal Dance - A

Godly Wind from the Mountains - B

Great Task of the Dragon - A

Hair Wind - C

Wind Release: Rasengan - S

Rotating Shuriken - B

Toad Gun - A

Verdant Mountain's Violent Wind - B

Whirlwind Fist - C

Wind Cutter - B

Wind Rock Barrage - C

Wind and Fire Blast Technique - S

Lightning Element.

Flapping Chidori: A-Ranked. Requires Curse Seal.

Ghoul Force: S-Ranked. Requires Curse Seal Second Level.

Lightning Strike Armor: B-Ranked.

Lightning Ball: A-Ranked.

Lightning Blade Strike: S-Ranked.

Lightning Blade Single Slash: S-Ranked.

Lightning Chidori Blade: S-Ranked.

Lightning Destruction: A-Ranked.

Lightning Dragon Tornado: A-Ranked.

Fangs of Lightning: S-Ranked.

Lightning Hound: B-Ranked.

Lightning Release Shadow Clone: B-Ranked.

Electromagnetic Murder: A-Ranked.

Flying Thunder God (not Minato’s): S-Ranked.

Four Pillar Bind: A-Ranked.

Lightning Swords: B-Ranked.

Thunder Binding: A-Ranked.

Limelight: SS-Ranked. Requires 3+ more people.

Plasma Ball: C-Ranked.

Rock Avalanche: B-Ranked.

Thunder Saber: S-Ranked. Requires Stone of Gelel.

Thunder Up: S-Ranked. Requires Stone of Gelel.

Banquet of Lightning: A-Ranked.

Tornado Lightning: S-Ranked. Requires Stone of Gelel.

Fire Element.

Exploding Flame Crater - S

Fire Dragon Missile - A. Requires Earth Dragon Bullet

Flame Flower - B

Flame Rasengan - SS

Mist Covering Technique - C

Roaring Flame Sphere - A

Running Fire - A

Earth Element.

Earth Clone Technique - A

Earth Release Resurrection Technique: Corpse Soil - SS (creates Zombies)

Antlion Technique - B

Bedrock Coffin - B

Dropping Lid - C

Earth Corridor - B

Earth Dragon Bullet - A

Earth Flow River - C

Earth Pillar Prison - C

Hidden Among Rocks Technique - C

Mud Indulgence - C

Rising Stone Spears - B

Rock Pillars Rising - A

Rock Staff - C

Wheel of Fortune - C

Hardening Technique - B

Mud Body Technique - S

Stone Armor - B

Non-Elemental Techniques

Flying Thunder God Technique- S

Teleportation Custom Technique- S

Ninja Art: Steel Body- A

Ninja Art: Phantom Ninja- B

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S Rank- Missing Ninja
S Rank- Missing Ninja

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PostSubject: Re: Unknown Jutsu rules   Unknown Jutsu rules EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 10:39 am

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Unknown Jutsu rules
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