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 Learning Jutsus

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Jutsu: Hidden Shadow Snake Hands

Learning Jutsus Empty
PostSubject: Learning Jutsus   Learning Jutsus EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 10:29 am

Jutsu Name:Hidden Shadow Snake Hands
Rank :C-rank
Jutsu Type:Ninjutsu

Shizu walked slowly towards the Chigakures training grounds,as he held on hand in hes pocket and with the other one he held his Scythe wich he didn't even need on today's training.As he finally was there he didn't find anything what was meant for training,as he looked for something where he could place his weapon he walked trough the entire training ground he finally found a boulder where he placed his scythe.
After looking around a bit he opened the scroll he was carrying with him,as he opened it he found only hand seals on it but no help on how to perform the jutsu.
At first he had to learn the hand seals,so he started to learn them and how to perform them quickly as soon as that was done he performed the hand seals and injected a huge amount of chakra, nothing happend.
So he repeated himself and perfored the hand seals but this time a small snake crawled out from his palm, but as soon as it was out it dissappeard because of the small amount of chakra injected inside it.Shizu than once again performed the hand seals and used a bigger amount of chakra this time, and as he released his palm and pointed it towards a tree three snakes bursted out from his hand one from the palm and 2 from his sleeve,the burst was so hard that the snakes flew about 2-4 meters.
After the snakes had dissappeared 3 markings appeared on his hand one on his palm and 2 on his arm.
But still he wasn't sure if he had mastered the jutsu and tried it again so he performed the hand seals
Hidden Shadow Snake Hands and 3 snakes bursted out from his hand once again but this time their mouths were open and some liquid dripped out,it seemed as it was poison.After few minutes of resting he took his stuff and went back to his "hideout"!

Word Count:320
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Learning Jutsus
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