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 The Legend Of schrade: Fatalis.

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Tamaki fuyu
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Tamaki fuyu

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PostSubject: The Legend Of schrade: Fatalis.   Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:46 am

Name: Fatalis ( translated as battle with the fates)
Tails:It has one tail........ but it has four horns >_> let's go with four.
History:Whispers of this mythical beasts mere existence can only be seen through scratches in an ancient tome long forgotten how ever it has been foreseen tho through songs sung by little children that the wyvern would appear once again:

~When the world is full of fighting.
The legend is revived
Meat is eaten, Bone is crunched.
And blood is sucked up dry

He cools the earth
And breakes through iron
He freezes the rivers
And mows down trees
He awakens the winds
And lights an inferno

He is called Fatalis
The wyvern of destiny
He is called Fatalis
The wyvern of destruction
Call for help
Run for your lives
And don't forget to
Pray to the skies

He is called Fatalis
The wyvern of destiny
He is called Fatalis
The wyvern of destruction
Fatalis, Fatalis
Heaven and Earth are yours
Fatalis, Fatalis
Heaven and Earth are yours ~

And so the legend was fufilled with the shinobi wars filling the earth with blood, Fatalis came down upon the shinobi villages with a hail of ice that froze many stilling them into art like ice sculptures before a man questioned the beats rule and sealed him into a passer-by who's name was known as Tamaki.

Seal: The seal is a small swirl with an even amount of dots encircling it.
Abilities(Describe the beast's abilities and make it detailed. Tell us exactly what you gain or lose with each tail.) : Since Tamaki and the Fatalis's personality is so similiar and their goals align perfectly he can fully control the beast,
When he gains a single horn where ever he steps a small amount of ice crystals spike up form the ground as his very presence flash freezes small amounts of water and he gains the ability to manipulate ice to nearly any extent.

Upon growing the second horn six shards of ice begin to encircle his back and can be used for various uses, upon growing the third he is granted a more beast like appearence as his teeth grow dagger like while his skin hardens with a inhuman strength that can repel normal metals and instantly freeze them causing them to become brittle( he can only be struck by a beyond excellent sword that has been granted a legendary title as his skin resembles that of Fatalis.)

Growing the final horn he suddenly is wrapped in a large cocoon of ice that does not melt and after a period of two posts Tamaki emerges as the exact replica of Fatalis himself and the only real gain of this is his hide is further thickened, he gets a substantial height and length increase, the ability to fly using wings and being able to spit a liquid nitrogen like substance that flash freezes on contact with an ice that never melt and can only be smashed by the most powerful of forces aka a simple hammer with get you no where you would need the brute force of a wyvern.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend Of schrade: Fatalis.   Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:55 am

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The Legend Of schrade: Fatalis.
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