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 Siron's Training

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Siron Uchiha
Siron Uchiha

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PostSubject: Siron's Training   Siron's Training EmptySun Dec 27, 2009 12:22 pm

Well Siron had decided to come train. Although Siron had planned on a Sharingan technique he decided to train the Shadow Clone Technique. After all it may become necessary to his future training. Having learned all he had he believed it wouldn’t be hard so he just tried right away. His first clone seemed to have no bones. “Well that’s just great.” he said as he got rid of the failure. So he tried again and…. Yet another failure this time it was missing a face and soon suffocated. “Hmmm just a little more difficult than I thought.” he said to himself. Another attempt another failure this one… brain-dead.
Now Siron was getting frustrated. He kept trying and failing. He started to realize each flaw came from the way he used his chakra and soon he stopped. During his “break” Siron ate a sandwich and an apple and reviewed everything he learned. When he finished eating he practiced flowing his chakra the right way for the Shadow Clone Technique and pictured the hand signs for a few hours matching the flow to the hand signs. Finally when he felt ready he tried again. “Another disappointment.” he said as he eliminated the Shadow Clone that looked like a stronger version of himself.
Angered he sat down and meditated to calm himself. Soon he was calm and began to measure his chakra levels. This seemed to him to take a lifetime and he began to grow irritated but in reality it only took him a few hours because the mind can do things faster than time can count. Doing this not only helped him measure chakra but also showed him better ways he could control and focus it. He decided to rest in a tree for an hour or so before trying again and soon he had dosed off.
When he woke up he looked at the sky and realized that he had slept for just under two hours. “Well time to try this one more time. Then I can go home.” he told himself as he jumped down from the branches. Before he started he jogged for fifteen minutes to help wake himself. When he was done with that Siron began to gather his chakra slowly at first to make sure he wouldn’t screw up and then he began to quicken his pace. Then he used the hand signs and released the chakra creating a perfect Shadow Clone. Then as he said he would he went home and worked on some of the paper work all Kages go through.
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Siron's Training
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