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This is the webmaster Hunter- from this point on everyone must write an Rp sample at there template those that have already been approved do not have to. Also make a new topic while creating a character.
ALSO THANKS TO OUR VERY DEDICATED MEMBER KAMUI WE UPGRADED THE SITE TO THE FULLEST. I am trying to start a new organization here one of the members told me that we need the Akatsuki so I here by declare a new organization.That is all-Hunter


 Bounty System

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Bounty System Empty
PostSubject: Bounty System   Bounty System EmptyMon Jan 04, 2010 4:39 pm

Bingo Book Ranking

E-Rank | Theft (L.1), Arms Dealing
D-Rank | Assault, Shinobi Code Violation, Murder (5-E/D Rank), Information Trade (L. 1-2), Piracy (L.1), Theft (L.1)
C-Rank | Information Theft (L.2), Murder (6-D/C Rank), 3 Rogue-Ninja Attack (Level 2), Information Trade (L.2-3), Piracy (L.2), Theft (L.2)
B-Rank | Unauthorized Access, Murder (7-C/B Rank), Information Theft (L. 3), 4 Rogue-Ninja Attack (Level 3), Information Trade (L.3-4), Forbidden Jutsu (L.1), Piracy (L.3), Theft (L.3)
A-Rank | Rogue Ninja Attack (Level 4), Information Theft (L.4), Bloodline: Harvesting, Trading, Purging, Organization: Affiliation, Formation, Information Sale (L.4-5), Forbidden Jutsu (L.2), War-Mongering, Piracy (L.4), Theft (L.4)
S-Rank |Rogue Ninja Attack (L.5), Information Theft (L.5), Bloodline: Harvesting, Trading, Purging, Organization: Leadership, Affiliation, Formation. Information Sale (L.5-TS), Forbidden Jutsu (L.3), War-Mongering, Piracy (l.5), Theft (L.5)



E-Rank: 200 Per Deed (+50 per Level)
D-Rank: 400 Per Deed (+100 Per Level)
C-Rank: 600 Per Deed (+150 per level)
B-Rank: 1000 Per Deed (+300 per level)
A-Rank: 2000 Per Deed (+600 per level)
S-Rank: 4000 Per Deed (+1200 per level)

Crime Categories:

Level 1: Small amounts of Ryou, weapons, etcetera.
Level 2: Moderate amount of Ryou (1,000's), precious jewels, etc.
Level 3: Medium-High Ryou (5,000+), Artifacts, jewels, country emblems
Level 4: High Ryou ( 10,000+), Embued Artifacts, highly valuable items
Level 5: Upper-High Ryou (100,000's+), Dangerous Artifacts,

Arms Dealing:
Arms Dealing, simply involves the sale of weapons between missing nin and organized crime. Because most weapons are manufactured by the Village of Crafts, this category does not have multiple-levels.
Shinobi Code Violation
Violation of Shinobi Code, involves attacks on civilians, unauthorized targets, and nonchalant use of jutsu on defenseless, or vulnerable people/targets. This law is especially stressed during war, however, casualties do occur.
Attacking a specific person, or political target. Usually as a threat.

Harvesting: An especially hated act internationally. Harvesting involves the acquiring of another kekkei genkai (usually the corpse itself) and selling it to the highest bidder for further studies and possible replication. Harvesting also includes the obtainment of portions of the deceased's flesh for jutsu (ex. Sharingan), without authorization.
Trading: Bloodline trading, the illegal selling of blood samples, people or corpses to other countries or military units for study, replication or other purposes. Orochimaru and Sasori were prime examples of Bloodline Traders.
Purging: The act of genocide on a given bloodline, or multiple bloodlines usually for a political or military regime. Uchiha Madara and Yondaime Mizukage (Yagura) are notable examples of bloodline purging.

[*] Affiliation: If it becomes known that a shinobi joins an organization they're priority ranking increases, especially if they are known to harbor hidden village information. Affiliates are members of an organized vigilante or crime syndicate.
[*] Formation: Forming an organization, whether it be small (D) or it poses a threat to the stability of the continent (SS).
[*] Leader: The standing official of the organization, usually the shinobi with the most power in the organization, who also has a sizeable bounty, usually worth multi-million ryou to every village. Examples of this are Uchiha Madara and Pain.
[*] Level 1: Fleet Size: 1; Looting of coastal cities, bases, robbery,
[*] Level 2: Fleet size: 2; Larger operations
[*] Level 3: Fleet Size: 4; Possible Naval skirmish, bombardment
[*] Level 4: Fleet size: 8; Large Naval skirmish, village/base assault
[*] Level 5: Fleet size: 16; Full blockade, large naval skirmish, etc
Forbidden Jutsu

Level 1: Experimentation on living specimens, mutations/ large chakra cost (usually life threatening),
Level 2: Bodily corruption, hitokugutsu, sadomasochistic techniques / life threatening chakra cost,
Level 2: Bloodline harvesting, immortality, etc / High mortality,

Rogue Ninja Attacks:

Level 1: Settlements, convoys, small teams
Level 2: Multiple teams (Gennin), Sensei, settlements,
Level 3: Village attack (building destruction, death), Chuunin attacked,
Level 4: Village attack (large scale destruction, casualties), Daimyo death, Jounin attacked
Level 5: Village attack (Full destruction, mass casualties, Kage death), ANBU attacked


Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
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Bounty System
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