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This is the webmaster Hunter- from this point on everyone must write an Rp sample at there template those that have already been approved do not have to. Also make a new topic while creating a character.
ALSO THANKS TO OUR VERY DEDICATED MEMBER KAMUI WE UPGRADED THE SITE TO THE FULLEST. I am trying to start a new organization here one of the members told me that we need the Akatsuki so I here by declare a new organization.That is all-Hunter



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PostSubject: Plotline~W.IP~   Plotline~W.IP~ EmptyMon Nov 02, 2009 4:40 pm

As You travel the great lands of the ninja world.Your heart pounds as ninja fall civilian alike.Your mind race as a question ponders.Is this what the world will become? Death.The akatsuki rage on these lands.Will you join them to purify peace there way or will you walk your own path the choice is yours.What will you do to bring peace or destruction???
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