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This is the webmaster Hunter- from this point on everyone must write an Rp sample at there template those that have already been approved do not have to. Also make a new topic while creating a character.
ALSO THANKS TO OUR VERY DEDICATED MEMBER KAMUI WE UPGRADED THE SITE TO THE FULLEST. I am trying to start a new organization here one of the members told me that we need the Akatsuki so I here by declare a new organization.That is all-Hunter

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 Battle Rules

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PostSubject: Battle Rules   Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:27 pm

You cannot post double attacks, but you can post you sneak up behind your opponent and then attack.
Also you can't just say you stabbed your opponent you have to say that your character tries to stab your enemy.
In some extreme circumstances for example your enemy is cornered, or your enemy is having difficulty avoiding your attack then they have no choice but to say they were stabbed, unless he uses a technique to stop or avoid your attack.
If you want to use a Technique that includes elements then you have to have the affinity for that said element.
If its an element only a specific clan can use then you must have to be a part of the said clan obviously.
You can only use weapons or techniques that exist.
Also if you want a technique that is an A-rank technique and you're not a B-rank ninja then you cannot just write a few lines at the training grounds, you need to have a lot of training if you are a D-rank ninja you need to train harder in order to train with an A-rank Technique.
It is not impossible of course, but you really have to train harder for the said A-rank Technique.
Also before you challenge a person that has a higher rank than you.
You have to challenge a person who has the same rank as yourself.
For example if you are a D-rank ninja you need to challenge a D-rank ninja before you challenge for example a C-rank ninja.
Also if you are against an opponent you cannot just say he dies.
You have to make sure he is dead.
For example you stab him in the heart or cut his throat.
If you were to challenge a KAGE you need to be both prepared to die, and be properly equipped with techniques and weapons.
Plus if you challenge a KAGE you need to be either a JOUNIN, ANBU BLACK OPS, and maybe a fellow KAGE.
Also if a D-rank ninja were to challenge a person with a higher rank than them the one with the Higher Rank must ask twice the D-rank ninja before you start to fight.
If the D-rank ninja challenge a user with a higher than the D-rank ninja then once they start the duel you cannot complain if you die unless it is a practice fight so you cannot die in a practice fight.
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Battle Rules
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