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This is the webmaster Hunter- from this point on everyone must write an Rp sample at there template those that have already been approved do not have to. Also make a new topic while creating a character.
ALSO THANKS TO OUR VERY DEDICATED MEMBER KAMUI WE UPGRADED THE SITE TO THE FULLEST. I am trying to start a new organization here one of the members told me that we need the Akatsuki so I here by declare a new organization.That is all-Hunter

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PostSubject: Kyuuketsuki   Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:48 am

Bloodline Name/Surname:
"Vampires" in folklore, also called Blood shinobi.

Kekkei Genkai:
Innate ability; Heightened senses and the ability to engulf blood to empower ones own chakra in order to perform Chijutsu(Blood Jutsu).

Fire, do to the chijutsu's natural ability to burn on contact.

As described in folklore, "Vampires" are those who take on the form of vicious blood suckers who kill all in their gluttonous hunger.. Such stories that were once passed off as children's tales are based in root facts. The vampires do indeed suck blood, but not for gluttonous hunger..

Unique Insignia:

Clan History:
A 'vampire' is born when a member of the pure blood family(A family tree that has its roots with the original vampire, only one in every dozen or two generations is naturally born a pure blood. Its also possible to obtain pure blooded status when at least 1 vampire is the parent a child. Success rate for this is higher when bother parents are vampires, though.) tastes human blood and/or flesh. At this point, they over go "maturity", in which they unlock their innate senses and ability to transmute blood into energy within their body. Due to this ability there chakra levels are usally off the charts. At the point of maturity, they gain eternal youth.. While not immortal in the fact that they can still be killed in normal fashions(No wooden stakes and crosses needed), they gain eternal life in the body that they matured in. Along with that, they gain typical mythical vampire attributes.. Heightened senses(NOT strength, speed, etc), fangs, graceful beauty, elegant agility, etc. Though, the family itself is spread out so thinly no actual branch of the pure blood descendants will realize their family history unless they're ones to unlock their abilities. Thus, very few have been born, and even lived for that matter. At the time of maturity they become branded with the symbol up above. This seal limits there speed and strength to that of normal humans. However it causes there body's to become extreamly heated and very hot to the touch after about a year the learn to control it and from there on out there skin is ice cold.

Vampires have been hunted down by villagers and other arrogant figures in fear of their powers. On the contrary though, vampires have been known to have many cults formed for them, with willing sacrifices of blood to their godly figures.

Clan Authority: N/A

Clan Special Jutsu/Clan Special Jutsu:

Soul Bound Weapon(C-Ranked):
After maturing, the first weapon the vampire has a natural talent with will become bound to their soul. This weapon is thus reinforced to the point it cannot be broken unless by an equal weapon, and slowly filled with the user's blood(Naturally absorbed when being carried). Once the weapon has been filled completely with it's owners blood, it gains a second form.. A transformation for a weapon, basically. In which the weapon becomes completely blood red when activated, as the blood breaks down and replaces the material used to make the weapon. In this transformation the weapon is almost as light as air and becomes burning to the touch and powerful, while keeping its hardness. A fundamental technique for vampires, allowing them to make full use of their graceful movements.

Blood Bomb (D-Ranked):
A simple minded technique, yet devastating. blood will be excreted from the finger tips, forming an orb-like blob shape as its launched towards the target. When commanded or upon impact, the sphere explodes in a violent fury of gore red, splattering 'blood' around itself. The blood burns to touch, and is usually used as a diversionary tactic.

Whip of Lust (C-Ranked):
The user will eject the chi chakra from their hand in the form of a blood whip. The whip is, like a soul bound weapon, light as air and giving a piercing burn to the touch. Can be used in conjunction with a soul bound weapon. The whip is much more easily controlled than normal, as it is created using the user's blood chakra.

Blood Bats (B-Ranked):
The latent summoning jutsu of the vampires, this will summon hordes of dozens of vampire bats, with the only objective of leeching blood from the target(s) and returning it to the summoner.

Wings of Eternal Life (A-Ranked):
Giving true demonic meaning to the term vampire, this technique will transform the digested blood into gruesome blood red wings... Giving a short ranged flight along with powerful gusts of wind.

Hidden Shadow (S-Ranked):
The user Uses there chakra to hide them selves withn a shadow. If the user is good enough they can hid in there oppenet's shadow. While in this form there is no way to trace them because they turn into a shaodw and then move as that shadow to form with another.

Demon Release (SS-Ranked):
In this one Vampires HAVE TO BE CLOSE TO DEATH. Meaning they've taken alot of damage and are pretty much out of chakra which in there case mean almost out of blood. At this point the vampire makes a pact with a demon and the seal on there back changes from a power restraint to a demon restraint.
The demon restores there health to 100% and then continues on to become a part of the vampire. After the jutsu's effects have died off the demon remains inside and constantly whispers things to the user. Someone whos unstable enough could be considered deadly due to the fact that they could lose control to the demon at any time. DURING the jutsu just after the pact and seal change the demon restors your health and then continues on to make you a spitting image of him untill the battel is finished. While in demon form your powers depend on what demon you have within you. (All demons are fricking fire demons)

Limitations: N/A other than the seal.

Clan Leader: Zanza

Clans village: Chigakure

Where is it based now? Chigakure

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Siron Uchiha
Siron Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Kyuuketsuki   Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:45 am

it's not bad but one question
Can you change into demon form anytime you want because it doesn't specify?
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PostSubject: Re: Kyuuketsuki   Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:49 am

I think its very good.
I like that you specified the ranks and basically I just like this.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyuuketsuki   

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