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 Puppet Training

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PostSubject: Puppet Training   Puppet Training EmptyTue Dec 15, 2009 1:53 pm

Raikou then walks into the field. A large animal summoning scroll on his back then under it a medium puppet summoning scroll. Then he takes out his puppet summoning scroll for his personal puppet that he made himself who looked exactly like him that was named Kaze. Then he summons it and his puppet came out, but his puppet can work just by Raikou sending mental orders to Raikou so he has no need of chakra strings. Then he makes his puppet grow swords from his hands and then when he used it to cut a tree the effect was stronger than he expected. It cut 6 tree's behind the tree he cut. So then he smiled and then ordered him to use one of his special attacks. He ordered him to use chakra attacks. Chakra strings came out of his puppets fingers then he ordered his puppet to use it to cause an explosion at the forests. The effect was stronger than he expected and cause a bit of an explosion or more than that. He then rests for awhile then goes back to his house and takes all of his summoning scrolls with him. Now he had again a large summoning scroll on his back under it a medium summoning scroll. Then a whole set of small scrolls to summon his staff's. Fire staff came under the medium sized scroll then water staff, Earth staff, Wind staff, and Lightning staff. Then 2 other scrolls were on the left side and the right side. They were the scrolls he were to use if he faced a powerful opponent. The scrolls store a lot of his chakra so if he summons it. Then it can be deadly.
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Puppet Training
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